The Public Interest Lawyers League says it’ll support a nationwide protest if hike is implementedArticle | By Yinka Ojo

The Public Interest Lawyers League (PILL), on Thursday, warned the federal government to desist from increasing electricity tariffs in the country or risk a nationwide protest that would cripple the economy.

Abdul Mahmud, the president of the group, said: “Yesterday, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) announced an astronomical hike of commercial and domestic electricity tariffs. The hike, coming five months after Nigerians overwhelmingly rejected the removal of oil subsidy and six months after the Commission abandoned its initial plans to increase electricity tariff, is a declaration of war on the suffering masses of our people.

There is nowhere in the world where such inimical hike can be justified by regulators who seek to expand electricity generation and distribution capacity through revenues generated by consumers, delivering no tangible service to the consumers! And to increase tariff simply because the regulators want to make the domestic electricity market attractive is nonsensical.”

The group urged the federal government to generate power and ensure that consumers have service before increasing tariffs.

“We note the dangerous path of casino imperialism President Goodluck Jonathan and his lackey, Sam Amadi, is taking Nigerians by this inimical policy of electricity tariff hike,” stated Mahmud. “We can’t but warn that gone are the days when public servants pass the banes of their actions and inactions to the suffering masses. The people must not be made to pay for the inefficiency of the state and its institutions and for the new found love of opening our country up to shady venture and risk capitalists that have no interest in our local power market beyond the profits they can eke out of it.”

Yinka Ojo

Yinka has taught at various levels of education. He has published a textbook on effective teaching practice and several academic papers in reputable journals. He is currently an education consultant. He loves writing, poetry, music and is presently working on a musical album billed to be released into the market soon. 

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