JAF says Lagos State public officials should be stopped from seeking medical treatment abroad

The Joint Action Front (JAF), a pro-labour civil society coalition, has requested that Foreign Missions in Nigeria place a ban on Lagos State public officials seeking medical treatment abroad.

In a press statement jointly signed by the group chairperson, Dipo Fashina, and its secretary,  Abiodun Aremu, JAF questioned the rights of the public officials and their relatives to go on medical tourism at a time when the state health sector is in crisis.

The group said that the action was “criminal, and must be disallowed.”

“This is sequel to the information available to us that senior officials of the Lagos State Government and their relations are leaving the country for medical treatment, at very great cost to the taxpayer, while the greater mass of the people suffer under the current situation,” the statement read.

The group said the state government has violated international and national labour laws by sacking 788 doctors earlier this month.

Consequently, doctors in federal hospitals went on a solidarity strike in support of their colleagues, grounding activities in public hospitals in the state.

JAF blamed the state government’s “arrogance and insensitivity” for the ongoing crisis.

Government, by its action to sack the doctors, according to the report, has “left the poor, underprivileged and vulnerable to sudden death.”

“Therefore, JAF urges your Excellencies to ensure that no functionary of the Lagos State Government or their families should be granted Visa to travel abroad to seek medical treatment until the current situation is resolved,” the statement further read.

The group urged immediate resolution of the crisis, and told the state government to unconditionally revert the sack order.

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