SOFED says more families are being affected by the development

The Society for Family and Enhancement Development (SOFED) has said it would address the problem of property inheritance which has ravaged families in Nigeria.

SOFED is a non-governmental organisation that aims to address family and societal challenges.

Michael Olisa, the Executive Director of the group, said the issue of property inheritance was a serious threat to most families, especially at the demise of parents.

He said the NGO had perfected plans to seek an amicable solution to the problem of inheritance with both traditional rulers and religious leaders.

“One great problem which families face now is the issue of inheritance and this has broken families and destroyed many homes,” he said. “We are going to hold a meeting with stakeholders, traditional leaders inclusive, to seek modalities to address the challenge of inheritance because the issue has become worrisome to all concerned Nigerians on how it ravages families.”

Olisa expressed the commitment of the NGO on reforming the core values of the Nigerian society, ensuring that moral decadence was upheld and enthroned in the society.

He also said the task of reformation would be achieved by embarking on awareness campaign to schools and local communities in the country.

According to him, the NGO is planning to take awareness campaign on value system to all the 774 local government areas in the federation.

He called on government to address the problem of unemployment and to reform prisons in the country; adding that unemployment and poverty had caused serious threats to stable families in the country.

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