Management and Board Members of GRIDCo
Management and Board Members of GRIDCo

Alhaji Huudu Yahaya, the Board Chairman of GRIDCo, who made the call, said since the Board assumed office nearly two years ago, it was left with no doubt that the growth of the company was tied to the national development agenda of the country.

Management and Board Members of GRIDCo
Management and Board Members of GRIDCo
He said GRIDCo, though a purely Ghanaian managed system, they come next to South Africa in terms of reliability “which means anything that any human being can do, we can also do as Ghanaians provided we put our acts in order”.

He, therefore, commended the management and staff for the excellent job they are doing adding “the only way to make Ghana proud is to leave the place a better place for others to take over. That is the only way Ghana can improve”.

He noted that power is very important in the development of today’s modern society and commended management and staff for their commitment towards development of the system which would help to increase productivity.

Alhaji Yahaya said the development of every country depended on a reliable power sector and cited countries such as China, Japan and India who, in some past years, made electrification of the entire country including the remote areas a national priority.

“We cannot be satisfied with what we have, we need to continue to strive to bring total change,” he said and that there was the need to invest in research and development of behavioural attitude of each worker.

He said everybody, irrespective of their status and work schedules, was very important in the value chain to boost performance and productivity.

“I want to assure you that the Balance Scorecard is not to reward management but the entire staff of the company as it will help reduce human errors in assessing every worker,” he said.

Mr William Amuna, the Chief Executive Officer of GRIDCo, said the Performance Management System based on the Balance Scorecard and the PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint as well as the set of Core Values would serve as the ethical principles and cornerstone behaviours for all staff.

He said the launch also commemorated the company’s eighth anniversary of operations and it repositioned it to work differently in a manner that was informed by the company’s vision, mission and core values together with a code of ethics and conduct.

“I am very grateful that through the strategic direction of our Board and the efforts of our own staff across the network we have been able to review and develop new vision and mission statements and core values that provide a panoramic view of where we are and where we seek to get to in the medium to long term,” he said.

Mr Amuna said the work done so far included completing the company’s objectives, targets, measures and incentives. “We are currently completing the Tier 2 which is the departmental level targets and measures and begin full scale reporting from July 2017”.

He expressed the hope to achieve immense improvement in productivity, behavioral change and accountability across all the levels of the company when that is completed.

He said GRIDCo inherited 4,124.2 kilometer circuit lines and 38 substations from the Volta River Authority during the transition in 2008 and had improved on its network and reliability to 5,460.1 kilometer circuit lines and 58 substations.

Mr Amuna said the company hoped to achieve high capacity transmission network of about 6,244 kilometer circuit lines, of which 10 per cent comprised 330 kilovolts with highly skilled and motivated staff; integrated business systems enabling on-line power equipment monitoring and workflow management with best practices in environmental management by 2017.

He thanked the select team from across the network who worked with the GRIDCo Performance Management Team and the Kenyan consultants for their patience and zeal in synthesizing the opinions and expectations of GRIDCo.

Mr Clegg Coffie, the Chief Executive Officer of the Volta River Authority, expressed happiness with the initiative and commended the management for the bold decision and urged State Owned Enterprises to emulate the initiative.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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