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The Greenwich Meridian Presbyterian Church has crowned her 60th anniversary celebrations by urging the Church to rise up onto discipleship to transform a corrupt world for the sake of future generations.

The anniversary, which is on the theme, “Transforming and Inspiring our Generation Through Discipleship, Growing Stronger , Reaching Higher,” seeks to inspire the youth to grow up with godly values that would transform their generation and make them have better lives.


In a sermon on Sunday at the Greenwich Meridian Presbyterian Church, Community One, Tema, Rev. Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey, asked the congregants to pledge that, “You are going to transform your generation. You are going to make your generation a better one than it is today. You are going to inspire your generation to become a better people than they are today.”

Rev. Dr. Abbey, who was the chairperson of the Ga Presbytary of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, observed that they could do that through the principle of discipleship which ensured that they made people accept the values of Jesus Christ and live in accordance with his teachings.

In bemoaning how lack of discipleship had made Ghana not to win the fight against social vices, the Cleric said, “Look at our society, it has become a matter of course that it is riddled with corruption or practices that should not be mentioned, even among Christians; talking about corruption at every level of society.”

He hinted that, “If we are able to disciple our members, such that people who find themselves in the various offices, from the least to the highest, are disciples, things that are happening today would not continue to happen.”

Rev. Abbey observed how Ghanaian roads and other infrastructure were in a deplorable state because monies meant for those projects had ended up in private pockets.

“So it’s very important that you have agreed to go into the generation to inspire them to become better people; people who would not direct public funds into their pocket,” he said.

He referred to the new syllabus for Ghanaian schools and how the children were going to be exposed to Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) which, to him, would stand in the way of the fight against homosexuality in Ghana.

“The things they are going to be taught in school about sexuality, you have no idea. And this is the society that is being built for us, “he said.

He added that, “It is therefore very important that we rise up with determination to go out there and transform the society; we should be able to rise up to neutralize the things they bring from school so that they would be transformed in the fear of the Lord.”

He asked the church to look at the new education syllabus and think about the things “we could do in order to transform our society and inspire our children to become better people, not people who would rationalize everything, and accept everything. There are so many problems with so many things happening in our society today, and it’s the duty of the church to correct them.”

The Minister-In-Charge of the Greenwich Meridian Congregation, Rev. Ebenezer Akrong said when the church began, evangelistic drive was high therefore members went out there to propagate the gospel, and so through that activity, a lot of churches were planted within Tema and Ashaiman.”

Rev. Akrong said the way forward was to continue to plant churches and transform this generation.

“This generation needs to be transformed, because if we don’t make special efforts to affect and insire this citizens, we would go into a serious doom and one day God would ask some of us questions, ”he said.

He indicated that transformation of life was a basic thing “and that when we preach the unadulterated word of God, when we show them the ways of God and they follow it, that alone would affect the nation and that is our major focus.”

In answering questions about how to take advantage of the location of the church, he said, “Tourism Development Company is engaging architects who will redesign this place; there would be a prayer room, a mall, where we can sell religious items, so that tourist would come here and pray on the line. We believe that being at the centre of the world, it would be a prestige to pray at such a location.”

Dignataries who graced the occasion included the Member of Parliament for Tema East, Mr. Daniel Titus-Glover, the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Ian Walker, a Past Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey, among others.


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