Global warming has become one of the most disturbing concerns in the world now. It has led to a general warming of the entire ecosystem, melting of ice caps and other consequences.

The recent technological advancements and rising literacy among the general masses has led the people have really started to take in interest into the subject and work to combat the phenomenon of global warming. Every day millions of trees and brought down to prepare paper and stationery for the newspapers, books magazines and other such media. Deforestation has now become a phenomenon which is prevalent in each and every part of the world.With the population explosion, and millions of people squatting here and there, the amount of oil used for different purposes like petrol and diesel for vehicles, cooking etc.

has made this a losing battle.

A new development in this regard is a Green Printer. There are a huge number of benefits and advantages that are developed by adopting a worldview that is friendly to the environment. It will not only in saving the earth’s environment but also help to make the earth greener and cleaner. Green printing can help reduce the carbon footprint and save paper. Many people are now embracing it as the future for a greener earth. It is much easier to save money, gas and electricity bills also.

The reason why people are now switching over to the green printing is because basically traditional printers releasemany chemical materials and disturb the ecological balance in the earth. They are also heavy consumers of electrical energy; thus in turn raising the electricity bills to a high level.

Also it is observed that most of the traditional printerswaste ink and paper whereas an eco-friendly printer uses sufficient ink and recycled papers. There is a printing company Australia which has started selling green printers in bulk and also many manufacturers keen on making this the next best thing.
Offset Printing Sydney is advocating Green printing which would help to reducethe pollution level of the world. Many of the big organizations and companies have also started becoming ecofriendly and thus prevent the earth from being enveloped by global warming.

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