By: Stephen A.Quaye.


NDC Victory 2012 Rally @ Mantse Agbona In Accra
NDC Victory 2012 Rally @ Mantse Agbona In Accra

Politics is taking a new direction as from what it used to be the direction from right or far right wing to centre right wing and now even ticking faster to the left wing.

Last week, the political clock inEurope, ticked faster from right wing to the left as left wing earned successes in local elections because Italian electorates showed the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s party the red card.

The defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy by Francois Hollande in French elections and major losses in Greece over the weekend has already indicated to European presidents what the people wants as against their governments policies that do not favours them.

Tellingly, when one follows the election pattern inEurope, he will be quick to assert that all the outcomes were indications that the people were against austerity measures introduce by the ousted governments as those European countries faces economic crisis.

Yes, Francois Hollande, swept to victory inFrance’s presidential election breaking a 17 year hold on power by the right lead by Nicolas Sarkozy 51.7 percent to 48.3 percent.

The election of Francois Hollande from the left wing as against Nicolas Sarkozy from the right coveredFrancespresidential election clearly as the new president wants to changeEurope’s policy focus from austerity to restoring growth defeating conservative Nicolas Sarkozy.

Looking at the voter anger which threatens far right wing governments in Europe with Italian government having suffered the latest hit by austerity protests, the same way inGhanathe National Democratic Congress [NDC] government’s defeat could be predicted by voter anger.

President Mills and his party followers campaigned against the NPP on message of official corruption, poor workers salaries, fuel price hikes, ritual murders, unemployment, poor health care, high school fees and promised to restore growth of the Ghanaian economy.

Convinced with that assurance, Ghanaian electorates elected him as the president to form the next government to realize such wonderful dream. But currently the same electorates are angry over these unfulfilled dreams as they goes to express their anger through the ballot box come December.

InFrance,GreeceandItaly, the electorates rejected the austerity measures adopted by the government by voting against those governments and bringing in the left wing governments which promises on restoring growth.

So inGhanathe electorates are going to reject the shadow betterGhanaagenda which is not fixing the problems it promised and goes for the property owning democracy which restores growth from harderGhanaagenda.

Therefore with the official corruption, fuel price hikes persistent electricity outages, unemployment, high school fees, poor health systems and many more proving to be too difficult for the government to solve, one would not be far from right to predict the fall of the NDC government as electorates goes to the polls this December.



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