Ghanaians have been asked to overcome greed, selfishness and obsession with material wealth. Apostle Abraham Lincoln Angoh, Bompata Area Head of the Pentecost Church, said these traits were toxic to their moral health and could only breed corruption.
He was speaking at the launch of the church’s women’s week celebration at Bompata in Kumasi.

“Being an example of Christ-like woman in my generation” is the theme chosen for this year’s event.
The week-long programme is meant to empower women spiritually with the God’s word and provide them with career guidance and training to become good managers of the home.
Apostle Angoh said he found it deeply troubling that many people including Christians appeared dissatisfied with themselves – not happy with their situation and struggling to find inner peace.

This, he said, was evident in the way they did things and cited instances, where some of them had resorted to bleaching of the skin just to give them that false sense of looking good. He asked that everybody became contented and grateful to God for whatever they had been blessed with. Apostle Angoh urged Christians to mirror the qualities of modesty, humility, sincerity and decency.

They should ensure that they become good example to others in their communities.
The week’s launch coincided with the inauguration of the “Virtuous Ladies”, a group set up by the church to assist nurture and grow young girls into responsible adults – vital assets to the family, church and nation.
Mrs. Victoria Aboah, a National Executive Officer of the Women’s Ministry, urged the youth to be God-fearing and avoid making the wrong decisions and choices.