By George Osei

News gathered indicates that the Ghana Railway Company Limited (GRCL) has leased land to a Togolese who has taken the law into his hands threatening those currently occupying it.
Ghana Railway Company LimitedThe Togolese who is popularly known as ?Holy Boy?, our sources said, claims to have been leased part of the GRCL land on the Achimota train way station (V-Plan) behind the Tesano Police Station for 40 years and he has served notice of his intention to evict tenants off it.
According to some of the tenants, they have been occupying the land for over 10 years knowing that they would be evicted by the GRCL when government decides to develop the area into a substation and this the authorities is in know off.
A spokesperson for the tenants name withheld, told this reporter that they cannot understand why a state institution like the GRCL could lease part of its land to a foreigner for that long and questioned why this should be so.
Checks by this reporter noticed that ?Holy Boy? has notified them of his intention to forcibly clear them off the land and has started developing part of the land privately for commercial purposes and this they (tenants) cannot understand.
According to the spokesperson the property he is developing causes the area to flood anytime it rains heavily and their complaints to the authority concerned has yielded no results.
?This is the reason why we have decided to take our concern to the media for our voice to be herd and this alarming issue looked at before it leads to another calamity?, he said.
They claim Holy Boy is in league with the GRCL authorities and wants government to step into the matter as soon as possible and investigate the authenticity of the claims being made by the Togolese.


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