The Bureau for Internal Affairs (BIA) , at the weekend called for Presidential enquiry into an investment deal of Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT)  with Granite and Marbles company.

A statement issued by Godfred Nkrumah, Coordinating Director of BIA, anti-corruption agency said Granite and Marbles Company have three stone quarries and a marble polishing centre at Spintex in Accra.

SSNIT was holding 88 per cent shares with Baksmaty Company,  owning  the remaining 12 per cent.

ArkStone, the Nigerian company, which acquired its shares from Baksmaty Company in April 2009, went on  to obtain 66 per cent shares of the company from SSNIT, when the Trust decided to offload it in May 2009.

This made Arstone a majority share holder with 78 per cent with one  Mr Atipoly an official of SSNIT as its Chairman.

BIA claimed that the agreement, which involved about one million dollars was not honoured by Arkstone  and the Granit and Marbles company has since collapsed .

The Bureau is therefore seeking a Presidential Enquiry into the legal basis why Mr Atipoly is still at post at SSNIT when officially he ceased to be with SSNIT when he became the Chairman of  Arkstone.

The Bureau is an anti-corruption organisation and also serves as a centre for information gathering on public concerns with the aim of bridging the communication gap between the public and the authorities on issues negatively affecting the nation.

Mr Nkrumah asked the public to approach the BIA about any information about negative acts leading to the undermining of the  interest of the State to [email protected]

Source: GNA


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