1. The woman with the nicest body. If your stomach sticks out further than your breasts, or your butt, you have automatically been disqualified. That is not attractive. The winner will always be the woman who is fit/thin with either a large and perky butt, or very large br3asts. If the woman is blessed to have both a large butt and large br3ast on a fit/thin frame, she will triumph over the rest of the women.

2. The most stylish woman. Ladies, please be careful with the way you dress. There are ways to dress for attention that will still show people that you are a very respectable woman. Remember, when you are in a group of women your main goal is to be the FIRST one to catch the man?s eye.

You have to be the first to stand out, if you are not the first to stand out, another woman?s ONE eye catching quality will outshine all that you have to offer. Make sure you are dressed nice from head to toe. Also, dress in BRIGHT colors. Men are like dogs, when they see bright clothing, or shiny jewelry, it will catch their eye. That?s what you need, once you catch eye, it?s up to you to make it work.

3. The quiet one. If you are outshined in dressing, if you are outshined in beauty, if you are outshined in body type, you have to use your WIT. You may think that the best way would be to open your mouth, and try and over talk everyone else to make sure that you get attention. Sure, you?ll get attention, but I guarantee you it will not be the kind of attention that you want.

When you are quiet, and I mean QUIET. Say NOTHING. When the guys are talking to your friends. Act uninterested. Make sure you stay around the group. But act uninterested, use your eyes to catch eye contact with the man you find interesting. But have BLANK stare. In fact, catch his eye.

Blink once or twice, with an expressionless face. And I PROMISE you, he will be curious about you. Say NOTHING. Your strength is in your mystery. Everyone will want to know about you. Because you have not readily displayed yourself. Remember, your strength is in your MYSTERY. He?ll know you?re thinking something.

He won?t know WHAT. He won?t know if you are judging him. He won?t know if you are admiring him. It is important to keep your expression BLANK. Make sure that he cannot read your emotions. Practice this in the mirror before attempting to use this tactic.


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