The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Taskforce has locked-up Intelligent Metering Energy Solutions Limited for defaulting in tax payment to the tune of GH¢6.8 million.

The tax liability of the amount is made up of Value Added Tax of GH¢5.8 million, Pay as You Earn tax of GH¢80,000 and an interest of GH¢700,000 for two years.

Miklin Hotel paid a cheque for GH¢1million, out of the GH¢2.8 million the company owed the Authority, while the office of Excel Courier Service, which owed an amount of GH¢9.958 million, was closed when the GRA officials arrived there to issue the distress warrant to the company.

Mr Michael Sefa, the Head of Debt Management, Compliance and Enforcement Unit of GRA, made this known in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after a special exercise dubbed: “VAT Distress Action”.

The exercise saw unannounced visits to the companies to collect outstanding debts from recalcitrant taxpayers of the Authority.

He said the exercise was undertaken after a failed discussions and negotiations with the companies to pay their outstanding taxes to the Authority.

Mr Sefa said the locked-up company would have to visit the Authority’s head office and settle their debts to avoid further actions.

Mr Sefa said the exercise was to enforce tax compliance and improve the Authority’s revenue generation.

He said so far, the Authority had collected GH¢3.5 million and expressed the hope that the Authority would collect GH¢1 billion out of the total tax of GH¢2.7 billion owed by the end of December, 2019.

The exercise also forms part of GRA’s comprehensive national tax campaign to encourage more Ghanaians to honour their tax obligations to enable the government to meet its domestic revenue targets, increase social intervention policies and accelerate development across the country.

The Authority, in September, 2019, launched a taskforce dubbed: “Operation Collect, Name and Shame,” aimed at collecting taxes that were overdue and the names of recalcitrant businesses were published in the media and asked to settle their debts.


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