The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), two major state organizations, will deliver separate addresses on important aspects of the emerging sports industry at the forthcoming 4th Accra Biennial Sports Expo 2012 to be held in Accra from May 15-18.

The topic for GRA will be ‘Ghana’s Tax Laws & the Sports Industry; Emerging Issues’, while GIPC’s will be on ‘Ghana’s Investment Policy & the Emerging Sports Industry: Challenges and Prospects’.

RICS Consult Limited, Ghana’s foremost business consultancy firm, is hosting the 4-day event under the theme ‘Promoting Africa’s Talents Globally: Role of Sports Business’.

The Sports Expo is to focus on ways of leveraging all facets of sports business principles and practices to develop and globally promote Africa’s sports talents.

The Expo Conference will also seek to reach consensus on a designed roadmap to assist African nations, governments, sports policymakers’ administrators and performers’ re-think sports as an emerging industry with all its attendant benefits to grow African economies.

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