The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority has donated a brand new Nissan Navara Pickup worth some 45 thousand dollars to the Marine and Railway Police Station of the Ghana Police Service in Tema.
Nissan Navara Pickup
According to Management of GPHA, the vehicle is expected to enhance the patrol duties of the police service within the port enclave and the Tema Municipal area at large.

Presenting the vehicle to the Police Service, the Director of the Port of Tema Jacob K. Adorkor noted that the gesture was aimed at deepening the level of cooperation and collaboration that has existed between the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and the Marine and Railway police station in the port, noting that their collaboration dates back to when the port was constructed.

According to him, the Authority made a similar gesture to the unit some years ago but realised that that vehicle has outlived its usefulness hence the need to replace it with a newer version to augment the resources of the unit.

Mr, Adorkor intimated that the Authority apart from fuelling the vehicle every day, would also assume responsibility for its maintenance throughout its lifespan.

He said ?? the work is expanding and so are the security duties of the police. We have also resolved to refurbish their office building, to modernise it and expand it to accommodate the expansion of their responsibilities in and around the port as well. In short, this is in furtherance of the spirit of cooperation and collaboration that has existed between us and the police over the years??


Marketing and Public Relations Manager of the Port of Tema, Paul Asare Ansah added that the year 2015 is going to witness a lot of priorities for security within the port and that the automation and electronic systems in the port will be boosted.

??We have introduced the electronic identity (ID) card that is coupled with biometric identification, we have modernised our gating system and so before anybody will enter the port to go and transact business or before a driver will drive past the electronic security system into the port, that driver would be screened together with the cargo and if it is a container you are bringing in or taking out, the container information would be picked electronically. Hence the previous practice where people who might not be qualified to work in the port as freight forwarders and whose documents have been stamped by illegitimate freight forwarders will be a thing of the past. If you are not a legitimate freight forwarder you cannot even enter the port because you are going to be verified biometrically?? he noted.

Mr. Asare Ansah was upbeat about the fact that measures put in place so far by management of the port would ensure that only persons who have business to do in the port gain access there, adding that the overall effect would be the protection of the cargoes and consignments that are imported into the country.

Commissioner of police (COP) in charge of research and ICT with oversight responsibility for the Marine Police Unit, Mr. David Asante Apeatu on his part lauded the gesture by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, noting that the vehicle would go a long way to assist them mount effective patrols within the port environment.

According to him, the expansion of the port brings along with it, the need for greater partnership between the marine police unit and the port Authority. He assured that the vehicle would be put to very good use.


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