The Board of the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA) was shocked upon hearing the untimely demise of ace Ghanaian and BBC broadcaster?Komla Afeke Dumor and Samuel Hesse?a dedicated reporter of Metro Television over the weekend. As much as death is inevitable, and continues to be a mystery, it also brings with it excruciating pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.


As we pass through the challenges of life, and our good intentions in making meaningful contributions to the development of our nation, family, friends, loved ones, and our own lives, we must also endeavour to strike a balance between our goals and daily activities.


We therefore extend our deepest sympathies to the families, friends, and loved ones of our departed brothers, and assure their relations of our readiness to make available to them our professional expertise to help them effectively cope with their loss.


We would also like to appeal to the general public that the inevitability of death, and its associated pain, should provide us the emotional strength and comfort in dealing with it. The GPA, through its membership is available to provide counseling/consultation to the general public and could be contacted through any of the following mediums:

Mobile: 0548006675, 0275158672

Email: [email protected]



Dr. Kingsley Nyarko

Public Relations Officer



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