The collation of such views from civil societies, corporate bodies, religious entities and public, the group believe would allow the current varied discussions to die a natural death.


A statement signed by Haj Abdel Manan Abdel Rahman, General Secretary of the COMOG and copied to the Ghana News Agency said the “committee must be composed of neutral, credible and non-partisan eminent personalities with security, legal, diplomatic and international relations backgrounds”.

The statement added that the committee should carry out its deliberations in camera within a specified period, and should be provided with all available information on the issue, including details of the deal, and the accurate personal profiles of the two detainees.

“The committee must submit report with specific recommendations that would satisfy all interest groups and individual aspirations, guided and driven by national interest considerations, which override all partisan, religious and parochial interests.”

COMOG also urged all and sundry, especially media practitioners, to help end the media war and direct all correspondence, comments, suggestions and recommendations to the proposed Technical Committee if and when constituted.

“We, the Coalition of Muslim Organisations, Ghana are not oblivious of nations devastated by wars and conflicts, fuelled by religious intolerance and sectarian dogmatism.

“We, therefore, wish to assure all doubting Thomases, that we are conscious of our collective and individual responsibilities to save our religion and country from any extremist influences and tendencies, and would jealously guard the harmony and peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians, as well as peace and security the nation is currently enjoying.”

Source: GNA


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