Communications Director at the Presidency, Mr Koku Anyidoho has made yet another concession that government ran into a ditch over its signature housing policy the STX housing project.

He said although the STX housing deal was a big thing which government thought it could run with, “apparently we ran into a ditch.”

Analyzing President JEA Mills’ State of the Nation address delivered Thursday on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Friday, Mr Anyidoho said the failure of the STX housing deal was not as a result of a failure to try, it was just “because people decided to be in the boardroom wrangling over issues we have no control over.”

Touching on other aspects of the address Mr Anyidoho said the nation was out of the woods.

“We have got to a place, I mean a point where we can positively point at the economy and say, ‘well in the past three years under the Mills administration this is exactly what has happened to the economy and the real figures are there, people who have eyes are seeing it,’” he said.

Mr Anyidoho believes the State of the Nation address was “wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.”

A Research Fellow at policy think tank, IMANI, Mr Bright Simons had said he expected the president have spent some more time on the housing question given that the STX housing project had stalled.

He said the change in the government’s housing policy from public-private partnership to smaller multiple initiatives necessitated the president’s explanation on the measures being taken.

Mr Simons, however, conceded that the president didn’t say anything in that regard probably because the initiatives are still at their embryonic stages.

Source: Joy Online


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