A member?of the opposition New Patriotic?Party (NPP) Baba Imoro has cautioned government to reconsider its decision after scraping the allowance of the teacher?trainees.

He expressed shock with dismay?at the deplorable nature of Ghana’s economy being managed by the ruling NDC government.

He noted that it was unfortunate that government scrapped teacher trainees allowances all over the country, adding that ?Meanwhile?the allowance is being given to teacher trainees to motivate them while being posted to deprived communities.?

Baba Imoro explained that scraping of the teacher allowance will go a long way to affect the ruling government and the NDC as one of the biggest political party in the country.

“This will also affect some?teacher trainees at the college of education especially those from the rural communities who depend on their allowance before?they could be able to pay their School fees any time?they are asked to do so,? he said.

He asked, ?How can those who are coming from poor families and?depend on their allowances, after they have managed to sell most of their properties, +be able to go to teacher?training collages?

“There is the need for President Mahama to understand the concerns of the ordinary Ghanaian, where he is coming from, and the condition at where he is coming from.”

He averred that he will not be surprised if in the next ten years, Ghana does not have enough teachers in the class room.

He said that the act could reduce the number of prospective teachers who may be unwilling to enter the profession because of the loan conditionality being introduced by the NDC government.


Story: Amadu Bdar/The Moment


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