Many have questioned the ruling National Democratic Congress?(NDC) objection for a full scale investigation into the circumstances leading to the sudden death of the late President John Evans Atta MillsThe various claims from various individuals and organisations for an inquest to be carried out on how,why and when Prof. Millls died is only a step in the right direction.

Recent declaration by the Mills? Otuam family not to disturb the soul of their royal is well respected but inasmuch as the family expect their royal to rest in peace,Ghanaians also expect to put the whole issue about his death to rest.

Prof.Badu-Akosa,a member of Ghana Medical Association has called for an inquest into what he called a ?contradicting story? on how and when the late president died.This is in no way a sign of disrespect to the dead,it is only a sign of maturity and respect expecially when Mills? brother,Cadman calms his brother could raise his hands and pray even in the wake of the massive stroke which he claims killed him.Come on,Dr.Cadman,who are you deceiving?,we know what a massive stroke does to a person.

If AFAG OR statemans? claims on the coroner?s report is anything to stand by,then justice needs to served.The Professor served Ghanaians and it is only a sign of respect to tell Ghanaians the cause of his death and what took place that fateful day.

Alliance for Accountable Governance(AFAG),has called on the government to explain the facts of the matter or make an investigation into the health system at the presidency and also find out whether there was a system failure that may have led to the death of the president.Is that too much to ask for from a government we voted into power?

If the government can not make the facts clearer to the people who voted Prof.Mills into the office,I must as well call the whole act ?CRIMINAL? and lack of respect for the populace.There is no better way of describing this act than to call it ?EVIL?,unless the government knew how bad the president?s health was and predicted the death before it happened or its protecting people who might have a hand in the demise of Mills.

I still cannot make up what could make the government object to a full scale investigation,this is CRUEL,i must say.The system needs to be checked and everyone guilty needs to be punished accordingly.

Source : Nsiah Asante / Kumasi / OMGGhana.Com


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