Very Reverend Samuel Kwaku Opoku, the Superintendent Minister of the Ebenezer Methodist Church, Bantama, has called on the government to return mission schools to the churches to help improve the upbringing of the children.

He said at the time when the schools were being handled by the missions, they inculcated useful virtues, discipline, patriotism and the fear of God in the pupils and this made them responsible adults.


Very Rev Opoku made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Bantama in Kumasi at the weekend.

He said: “If we mean business in the fight and uproot corruption lets return the schools to the churches, to churn out a new generation of God fearing and disciplined young men and women.”

The Superintendent Minister said the mission schools have what it takes to groom the children with biblical discipline, for them to grow into well cultured, faithful and nationalistic for the development of the country.

“We need a new generation with holistic training and the right attitude towards effective nation building, to make an impact on our current society, and this could be done with the younger ones through the mission school system.

“Let’s make our children of today, worthy future leaders who would help transform Ghana, by harnessing the country’s natural and human resources,” he said.



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