The government has been asked to take steps to put to optimal use the huge clay deposits found in the Adansi North District and other parts of the country.

Mr. Kwadwo Ofori Tweneboah, a Policy Analyst, said the nation must take advantage of the resource to build more durable and affordable houses to reduce its 1.7 million housing deficit. Making the call through the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi, he said clay could be molded and heated in the kiln into hard-burnt bricks for building construction and must not be left unexploited.

He asked that everything was done to aggressively promote investment in clay production, saying, the economic benefits would be enormous.
Mr. Tweneboah said clay production held tremendous economic potential for the nation, pointing out that, apart from using it as building material, it was also vital for ceramics-making, processed into pottery and other products.

There is the added advantage of processing it into glass products, given the high concentration of glass in the resource.
He said it should not be lost on anybody that developing the clay production industry would create job opportunities, create wealth for the people and grow the economy.
Mr. Tweneboah said it was an important sector that should engage priority attention under the government’s one district, one factory policy.