The Senior minister, Hon. Yaw Osafo-Maafo, has said, government sees education as the surest vehicle through which we could expedite development and ensure greater equality especially in the areas of poverty reduction.

He explained that, “Our most important resource as a nation is the creativity and abilities of the younger generation and the only way to optimize this capital is through education which has relevance in the 21st century.”

Government, he said, recognises this linkage between education and national development. Adding that, “That is why there are concrete interventions to expand access, improve quality and reposition our education system to be more relevant to industrial needs and demands.”

The Senior Minister, was speaking on the theme ‘Equipping the 21st Century Teacher for Quality Education Delivery’ during the 12th congregation of Offinso College of Education on saturday, 10th August, 2019.

According to him, “The College has done its part by helping to train teachers who are ready to take up the challenges of the 21st Century and it is clear that Government is also committed to fulfilling its part of the bargain. I know this collaboration can be likened to brick and mortar. Together, we can build and sustain a solid wall of education for our collective development.

The flagship Free SHS has expanded access and 300,000 young people who would otherwise have missed secondary education are presently in school.
There are ongoing reforms in Technical, Vocation Education and Training (TVET). These reforms seek to achieve standardization and harmonization among the over 280 TVET institutions which are currently spread across various Ministries.

As part of this reform, there will be 20 purpose built second cycle TVET Institutions across the country. Various TVET programmes are being reviewed and augmented to enhance their relevance in national development.

There is ongoing national curriculum review as part of the 5 –Year Strategic Plan for Education reform in the country. The upgrading of all Colleges of Education in the country to University Status to run a 4-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Degree Programme is on course. This will further enhance the capacity of teachers and this will have a positive impact on their remuneration

For you to have the peace of mind to translate your high quality training into teaching tomorrow’s generation, you must be paid well and on time. And when you have been promoted, the changes must reflect in a timely manner in all areas, especially in terms of salary adjustment. Successive governments have not done well in ensuring that this is achieved. Newly trained teachers tend to wait too long to be paid and this becomes a real source of hardship and morale-sapping experience for young professional teachers.

I am happy to announce to you that this avoidable and unjustifiable delay is now going to be a thing of the past. Cabinet has established a Committee under my Chairmanship and we are working to reform the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) so that government can pay teachers and indeed all government employees within two (2) months after they have been posted to start work. Let me take this opportunity to assure teachers out there, especially those who were engaged as part of the Double Track System but have not been paid yet that, the wait will soon be over as government works around the clock to pay all outstanding salaries, allowances and other entitlements by the end of the month of August.”

The Senior Minister further noted that, government is committed to creating equal opportunities and prosperity for all under the vision of Ghana Beyond Aid and there is the need to complement government’s effort by embracing the fundamental values of patriotism, hardwork and moral uprightness.

He therefore called on the graduands to pursue excellence in their teaching profession. Saying, “Be the salt and light of your generation and do not lower the standards which this College has imbibed in you. Be a city on a hill and illuminate your world with your virtues.”

The Minister challenged them to be the elements of change the nation envisages, to contribute towards achieving a prosperous Ghana.

According to him, about 40 percent of the country’s population falls under the age of 15, and thus, are in the process of character formation and this offers an opportunity to instill in them good values and virtues for a transformed Ghana.


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