The government of Ghana has announced that it will engage the services of Cuban medical doctors as a temporary replacement for striking doctors in the country.
The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) declared a sit-down strike after the association complained of conditions of service.
However, Former President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) Dr Emmanuel Adom Winful says government?s decision to engage the services of Cuban and retired doctors to fill the gap created by the striking doctors is not a solution to crisis in the health sector.
?The GMA problem can be resolved, there is no need to bring in Cuban doctors or recall retired doctors from their rest, they can solve this problem.?, he maintained.
Dr. Winful also cast doubt on the ability of the Cuban doctors to work effectively as compared to their Ghanaian counterparts.
?The cost to this country through the engagement of retired and Cuban doctors is much higher than sorting out the doctors in this country?.
?We know their deficiencies, they don?t speak English and sometimes their skills and ability to work leaves much to be desired. I?ve worked with them and I know them so it is not going to solve the problem. It is an interim measure but it will not solve the problem?, he continued.
Meanwhile, the government has described the doctors strike as illegal since the country?s laws does not permit any association to use strike as an option in bargaining during labour unrest.
A crucial meeting between the National Labour Commission today will determine if the doctors meet government?s 48 hour ultimatum to return to work. That ultimatum expires tomorrow.



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