Ms Sherry Ayittey
Ms Sherry Ayittey

The government has released GH?2 million for the establishment of a science, technology and innovation fund to promote science research and innovation to empower Ghanaian industries in the use of research and applications for a sustainable development.

The Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Ms Sherry Ayittey, announced this at the opening ceremony of a two-day consultation for African Regional Member Countries of the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International (CABI) in Accra.

The consultation, held on theme: ?Working in Partnership to Improve Livelihoods,? was organised by CABI in collaboration with the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

It was aimed at identifying priority areas of member countries, reviewing results of past consultations and adopting new strategies to improve agriculture and related industries.

The minister said a board would soon be constituted to oversee the science, technology and innovations fund to make it fully operational.

She added that the time had come for countries in Africa to become self-sufficient in food production, especially with the appropriate use of science and technological innovations to mitigate climate change factors.

Ms Ayittey was confident that activities of CABI would provide the synergy between agriculture, science, technology, trade and industry.

She added that it could bridge the gap between the sufficient and vulnerable groups of society for sustainable growth.

The Executive Director of International Development, Dennis Rangi, said challenges arising around the world?due to change?were a force to unite nations.

He said that would enable them evolve strategies to minimise the effects of such hardships.

He advocated that Africans should work together to reduce poverty and ensure food security on the continent.

The Director-General of the CSIR, Dr Abdulai Salifu, said his outfit was keen on strengthening collaboration with CABI for the benefit of the country?s industries.

He said the joint venture would enhance agricultural and other industries by imparting relevant knowledge to effect positive change.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CABI, Trevor Nicholls, expressed pleasure at Ghana?s willingness to prioritise agriculture and devote resources to it.

He said CABI would avail its large database for use by scientists and various change agents to promote sustainable development in the country.

CABI is a non-profit science-based organisation that seeks to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods through scientific research, information provision and provision of implementation strategies to improve agriculture in countries around the world.

Established in 1910 under a United Nations treaty, CABI currently has a membership of 47, with 17 from Africa.

Source:?Daily Graphic


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