The Proprietor of God?s Grace Academy Mr Richford Ashirifie has called for the need for government to build community library for schools in the Eastern Region.

New PictureAccording to him, the construction of libraries will help students and community members acquire knowledge and enhance students? reading skills.

He also indicated that, it will help teachers as well with research into topics they treat at school.

Mr. Ashirifie further noted that parents should note that education entails money so they should ensure that they do their possible best to invest in their wards for a better future, which according to him, is their responsibility to do and limit their expenses on unprofitable things but invest in their children.

?It seems most parents don?t know the value of education. There is the need to educate parents on how essential education is to their wards and to them as parents,? he said.

Mr Richford Ashirifie indicated that he established his school in the year 2000 with five students and two teachers but by Gods Graces is currently having two hundred and fifty students and fourteen teachers.

He registered his school with the GES in the year 2009, adding that the academic performance of the students are very good compared to other neighbouring schools, which the school have been able to come out with hundred percent in it BECE exams.

He indicated that the school stands to be the best school, to lead but not to be led, especially academically and morally, they always want to achieve quality.

He indicated their major challenge as payment of school fees and their road network.

He finally concluded by appealing to the government, GES, financial institution or philanthropists to come to their aid in terms of finances, infrastructural, text books to enhance teaching and learning in private schools, since they also contribute their quote to the development of nation.



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