Jake Bungalow
Government Still Selling Bungalows?

Jake BungalowA former Magistrate with the Madina Court, Gladys Akoto Bamfo who was forcefully evicted from her official residence in Accra says the state has not been fair to her.

The Magistrate?s residence was on Monday locked while her belongings thrown out.

The residence has been allegedly sold to a private individual.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mrs. Akoto Bamfo said her decision not to take certain actions during her term of office as a Magistrate had led to challenges she was currently facing.

?I was maltreated politically and administratively by the previous regime and that is why I am going through these challenges.?

She further stated that her efforts to ensure that her stay in the residence was legitimate came to a halt when the former Chief Justice said ?her brains are not working?.

In that regard, she emphasized the need for the state and President to take a careful look at the situation so that ?at least all judges will work as they are supposed to even when they are not offered the favour I was offered.?


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