Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam
Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam

Policy think tank, the African Center for Energy Policy, ACEP, believes government is taking the right measures to end Ghana?s protracted energy crisis.

Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam
Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam

In a statement, the center cited?works on several projects to add over 500 MW to installed capacity, in addition to expected emergency power plants in September.

Executive Director of ACEP later told Joy News Editor Dzifa Bampoh the number of projects outlined by the Finance Minister in the mid-year budget could substantially resolve the energy crisis if they are?carried through to the letter.

Dr Mohammed Amin Adam named the Kpone Thermal Plant which would produce 220 megawatts of power when completed, the Tico expansion project, 110 megawatts, Asogli Phase 2, 120 megawatts and the Tema Thermal plant 38 megawatts.

All of these are expected to add about 500 megawatts of power to the national grid.

And with the current power deficit, said to be hovering around 400 megawatts, ACEP believes when government religiously executes these projects, there will be surplus power supply which will be good for the country.

Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, however, raised concerns about fuel supply to power some of these plants.

The VRA took some journalists and Editors around some of the?sites to get them acquainted with the projects being executed.

Joy News Editor Israel Laryea who was amongst the journalists also mentioned the?Semens plant which will run on gas and diesel and will produce 38 megawatts of power when completed in November.



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