This according to government is to motivate farmers to increase crop yields and also pave way for more exports.

NANA OBOABIE - CFAG PREZ 20170412_101548The Ministry of Food and Agriculture revealed that the price of compound fertilizer (NPK) which was GH¢85 in 2016, is now selling at GH¢ 57.50 pesewas.
The Ministry also revealed that the price of urea is currently selling at GH¢47.50 pesewas instead of the GH¢80 it was previously been sold at.

“Organic fertilizer will be GH¢15 flat. What it means is that the 57 cedis represents 50% reduction as the subsidy amounts to 50%. The cost to the government is Ghc115 per bag of 50kg for NPK which is the most common form of fertilizer. A farmer is paying only half of it, which amounts to Ghc57.50 pesewas.” Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto said.

Announcing the reduction, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto said the move is part of measures to enhance productivity in the agric sector.
“In terms of comparison with last year, we hope that this huge reduction in price for the farmer would encourage more farmers to apply fertilizers so that we can raise the productivity on the farms this year.”

As per the minister’s statement, the president of the Concern Farmers Association of Ghana (CFAG ), Nana Oboadie Opampour Boateng Bonsu ll, has advise him on how to go about the fertilizer subsidy program.

Nana lamented in an exclusive interview with News Ghana that, for how long would governments continue to fail and disappoint farmers?. This fertilizer subsidy program should be done by the stakeholders because, they know the farmers within their various localities and how to distribute it evenly for all the farmers.

According to Nana, ” every government that comes into power, uses our names for grants, loans and many more, but we the grassroot farmers who deserve to benefit from it, only hear the news but do not get any benefit nor help.

The minister should involve us, as the main stakeholders, in the Planting for Food and Jobs program. We want the minister to be aware that he will definitely fail if he doesn’t involve us.”

He further stressed, they are aware that, some directors have Putten “wax” in the Minister’s ears, not to listen to the grassroot farmers, but they are just advising him to be very careful of the so called “Political Farmers”.

Adding that, He is there as the Agric Minister because of Ghanaian farmers and not for his political party or his own personal interest. Therefore, ” i want him to delivere accordingly, and we know him as a farmer, he should act as such.” Nana Opambour Boateng charged the Agric Minister.

By: Sammy Adjei/