Dr Edward Omane Boamah
Dr Edward Omane Boamah

According to him, the levies under the Electronic Communications (Amendment) Act 2009 are the levies on incoming international telephone traffic and that by law, government has signed a contract with a private company, Subah Info Solutions to monitor both the communications service tax and the levies on incoming international telephone traffic, and government, through the Ghana Revenue Authority, is paying money to Subah Info Solutions for that service.

wpid-Dr-Omane-Boamah-300x168.jpgMeanwhile Afriwave, he said, the Minister of Communications through the National Communications Authority directed network providers to allow another private company, Afriwave Telecom Ltd, access to their facilities for Afriwave to do the same monitoring that Subah Info Solutions is already doing.

“Right now, both Subah and Afriwave have their devices inserted into the billing nodes of network providers, with Afriwave claiming they have also been authorised to do the same revenue monitoring,” he stated in a letter to the Communications Minister which was copied to News Ghana.

According to the MP the actions by the Minister and government amount to nothing but wasteful and deliberate duplication of contract which he said, ‘is criminal.”

“ Indeed, any officer of the Ministry of Communications or National Communications Authority or any government official whose action or inaction enables such duplication of payment is criminally causing financial loss to the state.”

He called on the National Communications Authority to withdraw the directive from the Minister of Communications to network providers regarding Afriwave for the sake of the public purse.


Source: Newsghana.com.gh


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