healing herbs on wooden table, herbal medicine
healing herbs on wooden table, herbal medicine

He said herbal medicine and hospitals have served as viable alternatives to the mainstream healthcare providers in the country, especially during strike actions.

Dr. Forkuo who was speaking in an interview at his hospital said it is about time government invested heavily in herbal medicine production and administration to make them efficient in the provision of healthcare to majority of the citizens.

He was glad that the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) had introduced academic programs on herbal medicine, with students showing enthusiasm in learning courses on herbal medicine.
He enumerated some of the problems the herbal medicine practitioners face, that include; lack of access to credit facilities to help them expand, and the high operating cost they face in their practice.

Dr. Forkuo, who has undergone several years of training under renowned herbal medicine experts in the country, believes that if help is extended to herbal practitioners the government can in the long run cut down on its huge medical bill.

He believes that the herbal industry can also serve as a source of employment and when properly organised the sector can absorb the teaming youth who graduate from the tertiary institutions every year.

Although the Dr. Forkuo Herbal Hospital has been in existence for barely seven (7) months, the facility currently employs twelve (12) people and when its expansion is complete the facility will increase its workforce.

Dr. Forkuo who currently treats diseases such as typhoid, jaundice, syphilis, ulcer, high blood pressure, stroke, among others told this reporter that misconceptions about herbal medicine should be discarded and people should rather consider the positives of the sector to the socio-economic development of the country.

With its laboratory services, patients who visit Dr. Forkuo Herbal Hospital do not have to travel to other facility services when the need for laboratory test arises. This reduces their medical cost.

Further with the introduction of sophisticated modern medical machines, the hospital has become the preferred destination of patients from far districts.

Source: Bruce Misbahu Bulmuo


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