The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) has said the NPP Government has still not done enough with respect to delivering on its good governance and fiscal transparency promises made to Ghanaians during the 2016 electioneering campaign.

GACC underscored the need for government to step up in the delivery of its promises made to Ghanaians on good governance and fiscal transparency.

During his presentation on the assessment of key commitments and policy propositions of the NPP government on fiscal transparency and accountability measures in Accra on 7th August, 2018, Anti-corruption campaigner and a former Executive Director of the Ghana Integrity Initiative, Vitus Adaboo Azeem, underpinned some of the promises the NPP government has woefully failed to fulfill after 18 months in assumption of office.

Mr. Azeem outlined some of the promises government was unable to fulfill, key amongst it he said were the need to pass fiscal responsibility law to bring comprehensive accountability, transparency and stability to the budget process, the need to establish a fiscal council and financial stability council, the need to oversee the election of MMDCEs in two years in assumption of office.

With respect to the fight against corruption, Mr. Azeem indicated that there hasn’t been much demonstrated commitment with regards to current appointees of government accused of corruption.

He said again that, there are few cases involving appointees of the previous government before the courts and there has still not been any bill before Parliament for enacting the Code of Conduct.

Mr. Vitus Azeem however intimated that, with strengthening public procurement regime in the country, the promised reforms were feasible but not politically expedient. Again, there were instances of single source procurement, although government claims a reduction and some savings.

According to him, the NPP, while in opposition, made several promises in its 2016 Manifesto and on coming into office in January, 2017, the government repeated most of the promises and assured Ghanaians of its commitment to execute them.

He said in general, a number of promises had been delivered while others haven’t been delivered or touched at all. The reduction of the corporate and by implication, marginal tax rate from 25 per cent to 20 per cent has been put on hold while the enactment of a fiscal responsibility law, which intends to pave way for the establishment of a fiscal council and financial stability council has not yet been brought before Parliament.

Adding that, the election of MMDCEs has been put on hold while the fight against corruption isn’t satisfactory so far. “However, it is clear that some the promises have been executed, the most prominent ones being the establishment of the Office of Special Prosecutor and the reduction of taxes.”

Mr. Adaboo said, the government has two and half years to end its first term in office and it is important that CSOs monitor the fulfillment of these promises and hold the government accountable to deliver on the promises.

The aforementioned is the purpose of the project and he indicated that, GACC intends to continue with this exercise for the next two years to aid Ghanaians to at all times hold policy makers and duty bearers accountable.

He was however, hopeful that the NPP government will accept the report in good faith and work towards fulfilling its promises ahead of election 2020.

Professor Kwame Karikari, who Chaired the event organized by GACC and funded by OXFAM International, said he was very worried about the expensive lifestyles of some government officials, most especially the use of expensive vehicles and the drawing of fuel.

According to him, whilst ministers of state were living in luxury, the judiciary lacked the needed financial support in their line of duty.
Therefore, he charged all CSOs to investigate the spending of all government officials, and as well urged the electorate to take political parties by their promises.

On her part, the Executive Secretary of GACC, Ms. Beauty Emefa Narteh, noted that,
the coalition is of the believe that the promises of the government were feasible and it needed to execute them.

She however indicated that, corruption has a negative impact on the society therefore, it was very necessary to take the fight against it seriously.


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