Members of the Coalitions of Civil Society Organizations in Ghana Campaigning under the Action 2015 Banner and relevant groups have called on government to endeavour to open up her books to the public in all times in order to enhance transparency and accountability in the country.
IMG_20150707_120017The Members of also urged the Government of Ghana to step up its commitment and priorities by funding essential public services such as schools and hospitals in the country by leaving nobody behind.
According to a Policy Analyst, Integrated Social Development Centre(ISODEC)Mr. Bernard Anaba, noted that following keenly the discussions of human development and economic injustices around the world; the current global system does not inure to the welfare of the poor in the society and especially in developing countries like Ghana. This he said, undermines national developmental efforts.
Mr. Anaba who made this known to the NewsGhana in an interview after a Civil Society organizations Action 2015 Campaingn in Accra, noted that they will be working closely with the Government and other civil society organizations to ensure beneficial redistribution of wealth for a sustainable development and better future for all.
“Aware of the wealth gap and the positive contribution that the developed world and multinational companies can make to the socio-economic development of people all over the world including those in Ghana;
Concerned about the social and environmental consequences of equality within and between countries and that large numbers in chronic poverty retards economic growth, threatens social harmony and pulls the society back.
Conscious that unless we take positive action, capitalizing on our common interest and the power of the citizens around world under the Action2015 banner”, he explained.
According to him, the Government of Ghana led by the Minister of Finance will be attending the 3rd Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa to impress on his colleague leaders to step up their commitment to international development and aid financing.
He has therefore recommended the government as follows: Government must ensure that investments are low carbon and also fight against climate change considering both adaptation and mitigation measures equally as they are taken seriously and funded.
Moreso , he said multinationals should be made to pay their fair share of taxes while working with Government to end tax havens and illicit financial flows from Africa.
According to him, for the good of Ghana to understand the essence of the conference they intended to organize the campaign to create the awareness and also inform them.He has therefore called on all and sundry to rally behind the course and come together with common interest help promote development.

By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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