Premix Fuel Shortage
Premix Fuel Shortage

According to him, the 2000 strong deep sea fishermen popularly known as “anifa-anifa” needed more fuel as they travel far and spend many days at sea targeting mature fishes, thus sparing fingerlings which need time to mature.

Nana Kofi Ehuren, who is the Sanaahene of the Adotenhene’s division of Gomoa Amanful, told the Ghana News Agency that 13,500 litres of premix a week for about 300 canoes used by the deep sea canoe fishermen was woefully inadequate.

“We need at least 54,000 liters a week considering the long and tortuous expedition we embark on. I believe we should be encouraged because we don’t use illegal fishing methods such as light fishing and the use of dynamite.”

According to him, most fishes found on the market would easily pass “through our nets if we encounter them. We believe in the conservation of fish stocks for generations yet to come.”

He also appealed to government to help access fishing gear such as nets and outboard motors.

Nana Kofi Ehuren commended Mr Issac Ashai Odamtten, the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, for consulting and helping Tema fishermen in diverse ways.



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