Reforms in Abia State that we are reading and hearing in every sense should be meant for the reformer. The reformer is remodeling touts in different stages and those that were not touts with the aid of security personnel to take over Abia State, thereby making the state touts and police state.


Instead of reforming dishonesty for honesty, the government is reforming honesty for dishonesty. The government is reforming love for hate. A wholehearted bystander of Governor T.A Orji government would always ask this government that has touted much about building many projects to pinpoint which among the mirage of projects is a legacy project.


What type of reform and foundation is this government building? Seeing a visionless leadership as one bent on reformation, does not meet the eyes of a dedicated interest. Many political jobbers and foot soldiers are into this business of praising the sunken-government, upon the glaring fact that residents of Abia State, are run-stranded by a misfit government, on daily basis.


Spying the government?s activities, every of the projects are submerged attempt. No good leader builds a future on lies and governing through the media and social networks, whereas infinitesimal works are perceivably seen on ground. There was a statement that one Amachara General Hospital was one of the reformation projects of Gov. Orji, but any doubting Thomas should go there and be amazed and ashamed of the sorry state the place has become.


Many residents of the different Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the state, are crying today over a seemingly N60m given each LGA, for the erection of skills and acquisition centres, where theirs is. They only read on the papers. The maddening side is that some persons are making lies to be taken as truth in Abia State, forgetting the need to build and develop the once God?s Own State that has been turned to Goons? Own State.


This is about seven years Gov. Orji has been ruling Abia State. Why the government in Abia State is resisting reforms in the true meaning of the word, does no good to intelligence. Why Gov. Orji frowns at improving on the wellbeing of?ndi-Abia, has never been a welcomed development, in any standing.


Gov. T.A Orji makes governance to look like a waste, always opposing to criticisms and critics. Although, one thing he has achieved all the years in government is the disgraceful-firing of one Ugochukwu Emezue, his former Chief Press Secretary, who was allegedly known for his numerous misleading and malicious media briefs against public opinions.


Public opinions were supposed to be embraced by any government. Another feat that the government will achieve and be applauded would be that the door through which Emezue left the Government House, Umuahia, is opened for the likes of Obed Nnaji Asiegbu, Edie Onuzuruike, Eze Chikamnayo, Kalu Nnachi and many other media-Rottweilers in the government that do not know anything to tell the governor and the public order than lies.


The Gov. Orji government sees those raising their voices opposing to the government as thoughtless minority. Nonetheless, where majority are, much lies abound. The majority voices see the relocation of markets in Umuahia to who knows where, as reforms of the Gov. T.A Government.


Ndi-Abia are wiser today! What were expected from the governor was to expand the choices of our people and tailor towards people-oriented programmes and not, to add to the people?s perils by the mountainous levies they are intimidated to pay, with the piercing forceful approach and aid of security personnel in Abia State.


Whatever the government calls development is not development in the real sense of the word. Gov. T.A Orji is bent on developing his friends and cronies without acquiring immeasurable values for Abia State. The state is today a beehive of charlatans and security agents, who are much concerned about their escapades in lucre, than securing the state for the onerous task of sanity.


This is not the way reforms are made: subjecting the people who are supposed to be the enjoyers of the reforms, to be the ?murdered? for reforms. The government must brace-up in ways of reconstructing and constructing determined projects that will benefit our people.


Except lies are also part of the Legacy Projects, the government should be dynamic in a sane direction. Gov. T.A Orji should in earnest determine the development of Abia State and not, left for his media-liars to do the hatchet work, saying always that Abia State is building a new home in a planet like Mars, when in the state, all the Legacy Reforms are but ruses.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348057778358

Email:?[email protected]


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