Contrary to recent media speculations that the Governor of Taraba State Danbaba Suntai may have suffered permanent brain damage and may not recover his senses any longer, the governor is responding to treatment as he can now talk as well as recognise people around him. The State Commissioner for Information Emma Bello stated this in an exclusive interview with Daily Times today. 

An online media outlet reported Saturday that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is shopping for a replacement of the Governor having confirmed that his brain has damaged.

Suntai was involved in a plane crash two months ago while trying to land at Yola Airport in Adamawa State. He was in the aircraft with some of his aides who are also receiving medical treatment abroad. The Governor is hospitalised in Hanover Germany.

But the Commissioner for Information described the report as baseless and malicious. He said the online media organisation that published the story was pursuing an agenda that is only known to them because as he put it, they had earlier misinformed the public by publishing a story that said the Governor was dead when no such thing happened.

?These are people who take pleasure only when there is doom. They do not align with anything that is progressive; they do not publish positive developments. They wait for evil and negative occurrences and when no such things happened at the time of their projection, they try to create one by themselves and feed the public with such figments of their imagination,? Bello said.

He dismissed the report that prominent PDP leaders who visited the Governor have written him off, saying no such thing has happened. ?Two things here; the first is that PDP cannot write- off the governor because the PDP is not a medical institution. The doctors handling the Governor?s case have confirmed that his brain did not damage in any way.

?Next is that the PDP in Taraba state has confidence that the Governor is recovering and that he will fully recover as well as resume office to continue to deliver quality leadership and dividends of democracy to the good people of the state. In fact, the Chairman of PDP in Taraba state has said that all members of the Party are praying for the Governor?s full recovery and resumption. Presently, the Governor has left intensive care unit and is able to talk as well as recognise people around him,? the Commissioner told Daily Times.


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