The-newly-constructed-Lekki-Ikoyi-Bridge.-Inset-is-Lagos-State-Governor-Babatunde-FasholaI?wish to respectfully bring to your due attention?a?very disturbing development that has vast national security and political implications. ?Last September and again?on 24 July 2013,?the Lagos State Government contrived?inexplicable?reasons to round up Nigerians, whom?they alleged?were Anambra indigenes?(most of whom the SSS report shows clearly are not from Anambra state) and forcefully deported?them to Anambra?state, dumping them as it were in the commercial city of Onitsha?(see attached SSS report). ?

This latest callous act, in which Lagos State did not even bother to consult with Anambra State authorities,?before deporting?72?persons?considered to be of Igbo extraction to Anambra?State,?is illegal, unconstitutional and a blatant violation of the human rights of these individuals and?of?the Nigerian Constitution. ?
Your?Excellency, no amount of offense committed by these people, even if deemed extremely criminal,?would justify or warrant such?cruel?action by a State authority and in a democracy. ?Even refugees are protected by the law. ?Furthermore, the extant provisions of the Nigerian Constitution states: ?Every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part, thereof, and?no citizen shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry?thereby?or exit therefrom?. ?
Sir, forced deportation such as this, which Lagos State seems to be making a norm in addressing its domestic challenges are egregious, and calls into question the validity of Nigeria and its federating components. Such acts violate human decency, the rule of law and constitutionally ordered liberties. ?Were?Anambra and?other States in the federation to resort to such extreme measures, there would be total anarchy.
It would amount to complicity on the part of the states and the federal government, if this issue is not thoroughly investigated and some form of censure brought to bear on Lagos State. ?I suggest, Sir, that?you direct the Attorney-General of the Federation to investigate these incidents. ?Naturally, I have the obligation to protect the interest and welfare of?all?Nigerians resident in?Anambra?State irrespective of their States of origin and I would be?left no option other?than?reciprocity or reprisal. ?I will, however, put any?such reaction in abeyance until Your Excellency has had the opportunity to address our concerns.
Please?accept, Your Excellency, the renewed assurances of?my?highest?regards.


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