Governor Chibuike Amaechi
Governor Chibuike Amaechi

Bombardier in the United States air force is a person in the force?s
plane, who is responsible of aiming and dropping bombs. But in Rivers
State, the Aircraft Bombardier BD 700, Global Express aircraft with
registration No. 5N5N65 RS, bought by the Rivers State Government,
used by Governor Chibuike Amaechi for official trips, have many
political bombardiers, and this is generating political wars.

After the plane was grounded at Akure airport on April 26 and Governor?Amaechi was affronted by those who felt that they were better?political bombardiers, because of their professed threat on the part?of Amaechi, the dust their political bombs are generating are noisy,?but are as infertile as a dry season.

They have called on Amaechi to explain the ownership of the jet. They
said that their records with the Acting Director General of Nigeria
Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the aircraft was not bought by the
state government. Is this not giving a good dog a bad name in order to
hang her? They jumped from that to say that the aircraft registration
illustrated that it was possessed by Bank of Utah Trustee of Salt Lake
City, Utah Limited States of America.

What the ham-fisted Acting Director General of Nigeria Civil Aviation
Authority (NCAA), who was credited as saying that the aircraft?s
clearance approval expired on?April 2?did not know, was that his
statement exposed his position for public ridicule. Since he or she
knew that the clearance approval had expired since?April 2, what
effort did this inelegant chap make to notify the Rivers State

The Acting Director General of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA)
was also credited as saying that the aircraft was operated illegally.
But this statement was coming after the aircraft was grounded and you
wonder between the aircraft and the office of the accuser which one
operated illegally.

Imagine that it was reportedly that the aircraft?s clearance approval
expired since?April 2?and it was nearly a month that the clumsy Acting
Director General of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) was
telling the world about this and perhaps, with a view that Amaechi had
shot himself on the foot, oblivious that the Acting Director General
of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) was calling for his or her
sack, for not been able to update the Rivers State Government with the
news of the supposedly expiration of the aircraft?s clearance

If Amaechi-led Rivers State Government aircraft clearance approval had
expired, it behoved the aviation authorities to notify his government
since the said?April 2, and not wait to insult their offices thinking
that they were bent to molest Amaechi. This impostor behaviour is
unacceptable and embarrassing to the sensibilities of Nigerians that
public funds are completely managed-badly, as salaries to the Acting
Director General of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA); this
person was supposed to be a professional, but allowed sluggishness to
becloud his or her official duty.

The sack of this Acting Director General of Nigeria Civil Aviation
Authority (NCAA) should be effected immediately if it is believed that
the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government led by President
Goodluck Jonathan had zero tolerance for corruption. Nigerians are
tired of incompetent and un-performing office holders. From
examination, if truly the aircraft?s clearance approval had expired
since?April 2, that Acting Director General of Nigeria Civil Aviation
Authority (NCAA), is just diverting attention and joining many
political bombardiers to mount massive opposition and humiliation of

What these fellows after Amaechi do not realise is that Amaechi is not
the only person to be the chairman of the Nigeria Governors? Forum
(NGF), from where the presidency began to fight him, because he was
always not mincing words on the stand of the forum. Why did the same
presidency not fight the House of Reps, which rejected the
forced-candidate by the presidency for the post of Speaker and voted
for their wish? Amaechi has been rated the best chairman of the NGF,
but regrettably his fellow governors allowed themselves to be divided
by the presidency for the portage of political gains. What a pragmatic
political friends and foes!

The saga of the bombardier aircraft has kept President Goodluck
Jonathan on the line on how he would be rated in his further political
ambitions, because totalitarianism is an enemy of democracy. Has
Jonathan not been fighting in all the regions of the country? North,
West and South-South. Does he remember an Ijaw proverb which says
that, ?The beginning of iworoko dance at village square will not end
with the beating of bathroom slippers?? The political bombardments
will not end with Amaechi.

Whether it was N7bn or N9bn that the private jet was bought or not,
what did those saying that Amaechi inflated the cost of the jet by
$10m do when they earlier had this record? Was it when the plane had
brushes with the aviation authorities that this spurious agenda of the
rival came up? ?It is really unfounded!

This rather hatchet man?s job against Amaechi is falsity and an
imagined-thing of the imagination of those spreading the bogus claim.
Wherever the traducers got their record, but news reports said that
the state government never announced that the aircraft was purchased
for $57m. It was recently that the state government said that the
aircraft was bought for US$45m. Which script are those political
bombardiers against Amaechi playing? The script, Nigerians have seen,
will not make a good film.

One group ?Lawyers League? only saw where the Nigerian Civil Aviation
Authority acted within the law, but refused to see where the Acting
Director General of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) misfired
against the law.

Citing the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2004, the group made a
comment before ?it reasoned thus: (1) The private jet illegally
operated for three weeks on an expired type certificate; (2) The
owners of the jet wilfully and or neglected to comply with the
Nigerian Civil Aviation Act of 2004; and (3) The NCAA has no record of
Governor Amaechi?s interest in the private jet registered.

The above statement can only be expected from ?lawyers without
boarder?. Hope you know what a professional without speciality can do?
Need we say more? And if the phony group said that Governor Amaechi or
the foreign operator of the private jet did not please the NCAA?s
terms and conditions, how come that the plane was allowed a landing
space? Many officials in the NCAA needed to be sacked, if not for the
politics the presidency is playing against Amaechi.

No one should say that Governor Amaechi should own up to any error
that was not his. The regulator in NCAA needed to be castigated more
than anyone had perceived, because of its shortcomings in the proper
exercise of regulation. The regulator did not do the right thing since
it knew and said that the aircraft?s clearance approval expired since
April 2.

It was not expected of Governor Amaechi or the Rivers State to provide
any satisfactory answer when the bean had already been peeled by the
NCAA. If the plane was not driven that day it meant that NCAA would
not have known the alleged state of the aircraft. Many persons needed
to be sacked from this NCAA! One wonders how many privately owned
aircraft in Nigeria that occupy the landing space without official

Many Nigerians have known that the political bombardiers against
Governor Amaechi are bent on distracting him and are urging other
Nigerians not to allow this comedian?s tactics distract them. It is an
unnecessary distraction. They want to score cheap point with Amaechi.
One woman in the NCAA even said freshly that she was not aware of the
aircraft, and you wonder if the aircraft was smuggled into the country
if not through the dictates of the NCAA.

It has become obvious from what are on the papers that the political
bombardiers against Amaechi want to intimidate or blackmail him. Do
these persons remember again the Fuel subsidy scandal that involved a
member of the National House? Hooey! EFCC should investigate NCAA and
make its findings public, because Amaechi is not insane not to have
known the obligations required of him before the plane was brought in.

Governor Amaechi is courageous and bold, but what did the Federal
Government do to the country that unleashed its dam?s bank to flood
Nigeria? That country turned Nigeria into garbage of a sort in the
areas that the flood affected as long as it lasted. Contending with
Governor Amaechi?s right to the Immunity Clause that he was supposed
to be enjoying as a sitting governor, is contradictory and
incompatible with the Constitution of the Federal Republic.

As far as the Immunity Clause exists, whoever that is probing Governor
Amaechi is infringing on his fundamental right to the Constitution
with impunity. Rather, it should be those at the NCAA that deserve the
probe for not living upto expectation in the cause of their duty, but
only waited to open the Pandora?s Box when there is a perceived
witch-hunt. After all, did the state House of Assembly not approve of
the purchase of the aircraft?

If people see the purchase of the aircraft as a misappropriation of
state funds they are not true with the issue, if a top banker in the
country could say he donated One Hundred Million naira to a state in
the north upon the insecurity in that part of the region and you
wonder what the donation was meant for. He said that it was to assist
the destitute, but what of if the people had used the money to
purchase more munitions for their rebellious expertise?

Who is talking about the Rivers State Government aircraft and is
breaking head over it when 73% Niger Delta oil wells are controlled by
the Hausa/Fulani ?untouchables? of this country and hardly is anyone
talking about it? The political fight against Amaechi is not ideal.
The fight is costing Niger Delta its supposedly peace. It is a vulgar
display against Amaechi, if those in the NCAA who said that the
aircraft?s clearance approval had expired since?April 2, but did not
notify the Rivers State Government earlier, are enjoying their sleep.

It is palpable that people should stop betraying the Constitution with
the view that they are fighting Amaechi. All the repression and
high-handedness levelled against Amaechi in this matter should stop.
Paying a section of the media to pull Amaechi down does not worth the
onus. Is Amaechi the only governor whose state?s aircraft was
registered by the Bank of Uttah? Tomorrow is the best judge of any
action taken today.

Source: Odimegwu Onwumere,

Poet/Author, is the Coordinator, Concerned?Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV).

Phone: +2348032552855,+2348057778358.

Email:?[email protected]


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