The Gopalpur town is located in the Ganjam district of Orissa, India. Gopalpur on sea is a well known beach lying at the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is a famous tourist destination close to Behrampur. If you are planning to visit this beach with your family and friends for vacation, then you can hire a bus and enjoy a comfortable road trip. However, there are many other modes of transportation that you can opt for like hiring a taxi, boarding a plane or a train.

How to reach Gopalpur on sea?

By railway – Berhampur train station is just 16 km of travel from Gopalpur. It is from here you can hire a taxi or board a bus to your destination.

By air – Bhudaneswar airport is also not too far from Gopalpur town and all you need to travel is 180 km by road.

You could choose to fly in Indian airlines, as they have regular flights scheduled to major cities in India. From here, you can take a taxi or arrange for bus tickets reservation through a good travel agency.

By roads – There are many private luxury buses or state transportation that provides service on a daily basis to this town. You can merely buy bus tickets in advance and reach Berhampur with ease.

About the beach and its local people

Gopalpur town got its name from the devotees of lord Krishna in the 18th century. Lord Krishna has several names and one of them is Gopal.

Gopalpur on sea has the most talked about beach with mesmerizing view of the sunset, soft sands, clear seawater and smooth waves washing away the beach rhythmically.

Most of the people across the country visit this place to enjoy the divine beauty of this beach, especially the sunsets that change the tint of the sky. This exotic beach is quite calm and tranquil place for unwinding.

In the past, Gopalpur on sea was one of the famous sea ports, but it then turned to ruins in the recent times. Lately, the beach has undergone a lot of renovation, which makes it an ideal place for the tourists to hangout, faraway from the monotonous routine of their daily city life.

Here, fishing is the main occupation of the local people. At Gopalpur on sea beach, you’ll be able to see fishermen return from the deep sea with good catch piled in their small colorful boats. These fresh fishes are then sold in the bazaar.

This marvelous beach is covered with golden sand, and it is dotted with huge coconut palm trees and casuarinas trees. The locals here also export cashew nuts that are processed in this beach town. This beach also has an old light house, which is open for public till the afternoon, so that each one can get a better aerial view of the sea and its surrounding areas.

People visiting the beach enjoy swimming and playing in the crystal clear seawater. Many people are seen taking pleasure in merely relaxing on the warm sand having sunbath, watching the waves wash the beach sand, bluish seawater and listening to birds chirping around.  


Accommodation is not a problem here, as there are many beach resorts, 3-star or 5-star hotels and old bungalows made available for tourist to stay. Services offered at these accommodations are good with reasonable rates. The rooms are well-ventilated and if you are lucky you can get a room that faces the sea.

Perfect time to visit

Gopalpur on sea assures you a great vacation that will refresh you and get you geared up for busy city life. The weather is prefect from the month of September to March for you to visit this magnificent beach. The atmosphere is sunny and dry, which allows you to spend more fun time at the beach. Would it be a mind-blowing vacation to just relax by the seawater while sipping on the tender coconut and enjoying the beauty of this place?

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