United Kingdom, Nintendo style: The British Isles are still recognisable, despite being heavily pixilated, while close-ups of Buckingham Palace have a similarly retro style

Miss your old Nintendo? The engineers at Google clearly do. As their April Fools Day prank, they have created a version of Goole Maps called Quest that sees the world through the lens (and limitations) of the venerable 8-bit, cartridge loading, dial-up gaming console.

Go to Google Maps and click the “quest” button in the upper right to see the earth transformed into low resolution trees, and grass and water. Apparently there are many easter eggs hidden in plain sight, each accompanied by a cute pair of propeller-beanied children. Type Google HQ in the search box, for instance and you will find a giant Android robot, a dinosaur and pink flamingos.

A tweet from Phill Ryu reports, “Wow I thought the Google Maps thing was dumb until I hit a random encounter in street view and caught my first Pokemon. S**t got real.”



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