Akosombo UnitOur dear country is presently experiencing another crunchy electricity load-shedding exercise, otherwise referred to as a power management programme, also known as ?dumsor, dumsor?.

In the past, it was easy to explain the load-shedding exercise because drought and a fall in the water level of the Akosombo Dam necessitated it.

The last prolonged ?dumsor, dumsor? caused by the low level of water in the Akosombo Dam was in 2006, a situation which compelled some men of God to call for prayer and fasting.

Some measures were taken to indicate that as a nation we have leant our lessons. But, then, in 2011, presto, the country again experienced prolonged power outages because of inadequate supply of gas from Nigeria and other technical challenges associated with the operations of thermal plants.

We know that the government has put in place elaborate plans to increase generation to 5,000MW in the next few years and put Ghana on the road to exporting power to other countries.

Obviously, it may take a few more ?dumsor dumsor? episodes to come out of our present predicament, as it takes quite a while to generate energy.

Not too long ago, we were told that our tariffs did not provide enough incentives for independent power producers to venture into the power sector.

This explains why the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) kicked in the automatic tariff adjustment to adequately equip the power producers with the revenue to perform at optimum levels.

The present development may force the PURC to eat humble pie, as its plans have not helped to secure the efficient power generation and distribution it had envisaged.

Even in the midst of all these difficulties, it is refreshing that the country abounds in resources which, if properly harnessed, can reverse our present predicament.

The Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Mr Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, is upbeat about the government?s plans to achieve its goal of providing the infrastructure for the efficient supply of energy to all consumers.

The Daily Graphic suggests that while ?short-term measures are being taken to deal with the present ?dumsor, dumsor?, efforts would be made to expand our generation mix to include solar, wind and thermal, using gas, instead of light crude oil which is very expensive.

We also appeal to consumers to demonstrate an understanding of the situation and give support to the government and the power companies in their resolve to end the load-shedding challenges.

Source Daily Graphic


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