According to the Lubricants Marketing Manager of GOIL, Joshua Kwabena Duodu, GOIL specializes in quality lubricants for vessels that come to the Ports of Ghana and heavy duty trucks that convey cargo through and from the port.

vlcsnap-2016-06-21-18h30m47s70He said currently, GOIL sells one of the best oils that can be found at the Ports of the country.

“We have marine oil which is used for ships and fishing vessels at the Port currently. Again, our oils are competing very favorably at the ports,” he averred.

GOIL is also supplying marine gas oil to vessels which call the Port of Ghana for bunkering services.

The Lubricants Marketing Manager of GOIL, Joshua Kwabena Duodu in an interview with Eye on Port said the prices of the GOIL lubricants are tailored to suit the pocket of the ordinary Ghanaian.

He said GOIL markets the highest range of synthetic oil in the whole world.

“The super synthetic has an API which is SN which happens to be the highest in the world now,” he said.

GOIL, according to Kwabena Duodo also has on it shelves lubricants like GOIL Super Taxi and power trotro for easier identification by commercial vehicles in the country.

He entreated Ghanaians to patronize GOIL lubricants because it ensures longevity of their vehicles.

“Most of our lubricants have very high detergency power and what happens is that they keep cleaning your engines so they avoid blockage of important parts of the engine to break down your engine. So when you use our lubricants you are actually assured of a long lasting engine performance, “ he urged.


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