By ?Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh

One Ghanaian that has received public attention in recent times for his acts of goodwill, is Pastor Joseph Gyebi. The man who serves as a Pastor, Ethnodoxologist and song minister, has been hailed for ?Touching lives? with his collaborative outreach missions to the lowly in society.

deleteFollowing the release of his praise song ?Ye sore wo?, the man described as a ?Fore-runner in praise and worship? is set to release a new classic titled ?Greatest Work?.
The aim of this song is to remind the listener, that (s)he is a project in the hands of divinity. Speaking to Pastor Joseph Gyebi, he explained the need for the up-coming tune, ?The streets need to be celebrated too; we spend too much time talking about pain and agony, we forget to remind ourselves that our God is a perfectionist and his sole aim is to guide us to an expected end? Pastor Gyebi said.

The gospel singer called for renewed attention to the streets, ?Our streets have become dump sites for the unwanted; Unwanted waste, unwanted appliances; which constitutes a hazard to the purity of our God-given health. Sadly we also see a lot of ?unwanted? children and parents on the streets; begging and hustling. The truth is that no one is actually unwanted; God has enough space for us in his home and heart and I think these people would have vip placement in the household of God?.


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