West Ham star Matt Taylor has told talkSPORT this morning that he thinks it would be silly not to use goal line technology in the Premier League.

He told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast: ?There?s so much riding on football and the results, you?ve got to have it [goal line technology]. Ultimately, we all make mistakes as footballers on the pitch, and referees will make mistakes because they?re only human.

?If there?s something we can have to assist them, then why not use it? Especially with modern technology today, it seems silly not to use it and take advantage of it.

?Cricket has it and if it can assist the referee in any way, shape or form it can only be positive.?

Matt Taylor also spoke about West Ham?s imminent move to the Olympic stadium, saying: ?It?s a fantastic move for the football club. Obviously everybody loves Upton Park, and with the history it?s great to play there.

?Nowadays if you want to try and move the football club on, and maybe get to the next level, then we need to move to a bigger stadium to be able to attract bigger players and revenue.

?Football?s a business now and we all know that, and it?ll be sad to leave Upton Park but I would imagine that the majority of the fans are behind the decision to move.

?If I?m still at the football club then it?s going to be amazing to run out there and represent West Ham.?

Source: talksport


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