Ghana News Agency (GNA), the nation?s wire service has signaled the dawn of hope as it takes steps to generate more revenue internally for its operation.

Dr. Bernard Otabil, the General Manager, said it could not be business as usual and that it had developed a plan to commercialize its activities.

Addressing the staff of the Agency in the Kumasi Office at a meeting, he said there was now a clear strategy, which would enable it to engage in specific projects that would pay for itself.

He announced the establishment of a platform ? ?Labaari?, where news (regional and national) combined with GNA television and advertisements could be accessed through paid subscription.

The platform would be officially launched in early September.

He said sales personnel were going to be engaged to monitor media outlets, which used the stories and ensure that every pesewa in subscription fees was collected.

The expectation, he said was that the media houses would be ethical and accept to do the right thing by paying or face appropriate action.

Dr. Otabil, who was in Kumasi with the Director of Editorial (Supervising Chief Editor), Mr Mohammed Nurudeen Issahaq, noted that the GNA had performed creditably in terms of its core mandate – coverage of news, but the same could not be said about other mandate such as the monetization of the news to finance its activities and workers? welfare.

This was what they had set out to correct to keep the Agency going.

The pair was there to keep the workers adequately informed of the new direction.

The General Manager said action had been taken to decentralize some of the processes at the Head Office to enhance efficiency.

He encouraged the workers to overcome bad attitudes that tended to hold back the progress and work together with a renewed sense of commitment and passion to sustain it on the path of growth.

Mr Issahaq underlined the need to focus on rural development by shining the spotlight on how government?s resources were helping to transform the lives of people in those areas.

He said it was to help do this more effectively that stringers were being recruited to make sure that every part of the country was adequately covered.

He reminded the journalists to continue to uphold high ethical standards, avoid one-sided stories, to be factual, accurate and credible.

Mrs. Elizabeth Kankam-Boadu, the Ashanti Regional Manager, hailed the operationalization of the monetization of news mandate and said it would go a long way to boost GNA?s financial status and enhance its output.

Source : GNA/


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