The new platform which is christened the “Editor’s Picks”, allows subscribers to the Agency’s files access to videos, audios and photos.


Dr Bernard Otabil, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana News Agency, who addressed an Editor’s Forum in Accra on Friday as part of activities to mark the GNA’s 59th Anniversary, said this historic approach to news dissemination, would enable subscribers to download files instead of receiving them through emails.

The CEO said it was really exciting to have an application that would ultimately improve user-experience.

He explained that the developers of the platform spent a total of about a year, six months of which it used to define the functional specification and its development, and the rest of the period for the various stages of testing, to ensure that the application was robust enough to perform the task set out to accomplish.

Dr Otabil said although the Agency had a number of partnership arrangements with other news agencies globally, some did not go well because sending files by emails proved to be quite a challenge for them, as other news agencies globally that were adaptive to technology would provide subscribers with a username and password for easy access to files on that platform.

The Editor’s Picks, he said, was user-friendly with various search buttons that allow editors to easily find what they need, as the stories have been under categorise under areas such as human interest, social, health, business and political, to allow for easy selection based on regional classification.

He said subscribers to GNA files now had access to photos and could select either current or archived pictures.

Dr Otabil explained that as with most technological developments, there had been some added benefits that had not been conceived of at the start of the project, and so the technicians started off by developing an application that would improve user-experience, to provide a variety of products to clients, especially with radio and television subscribers mostly in mind.

He said after the user-testing task, it was realised that the same platform could be used for the Agency’s cash management and debtors control functions.

He said the Management of the GNA was excited about the achievement made so far, as the platform was developed internally using innovative ways other than outsourcing or employing more people.

Source: GNA


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