Dr. Richard Ampadu Ameyaw, a Senior Scientist at the Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (STEPRI) and OFAB Ghana Coordinator, has said political reporting has overshadowed science reporting in our part of the country.

According to him, science led development could only be realized when more people, especially journalists take up the challenge to report more on science related issues.

Mr. Ampadu explained that, the OFAB Media Awards was set up with the focus to encourage journalists to get deeper understanding and report more on science and biotechnology, in order to educate the public well.

He said this in a sideline interview after the official launch of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology OFAB Ghana Chapter’s 2018 Media Awards dubbed, “Exemplary Journalism, Credible Science Reporting and better Public Understanding of Science Technology and Innovation” in Accra.

In his answer to the question as to whether GMOs poses any threats to human health, he stressed that there is nothing dangerous about any product from GMO.

According to him, every crop you find today is modified, because over the years, plant species and plant products have been modified in various forms, so there is absolutely nothing like natural crops.

Adding that, all that scientists are trying to do is to go directly into the gene map to change the order of the gene, so there is nothing dangerous about it.

He said, GMOs go through very rigorous tests and processes over many years before they are released onto the market which does not happen with crops produced using conventional technologies.

However, he said there is no evidence GMOs have been responsible for diseases anywhere, and that, this has been done for many years and there is no evidence to back that claim.

In attendance of the event were Prof. Walter Sandow Alhassan, former Director-General at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR, President of the Ghana Journalists Association, GJA, Roland Affail Monney, Mrs. Ama Kodom Agyemang, OFAB, members of Ghana Agricultural and Rural Development Journalists Association (GARDJA), and many other journalists from the various media houses.

By:Sammy Adjei/


  1. There is so much false information on the web about GE crops and derived foods. If you want to learn about the real science download “Planting the Future” by the European Academies Science Advisory Council 2013. Its free

    “There is no validated evidence that GM crops have greater adverse impact on health and
    the environment than any other technology used in plant breeding…There is compelling evidence that
    GM crops can contribute to sustainable development goals with benefits to farmers, consumers, the
    environment and the economy… It is vital that sustainable agricultural production and food security
    harnesses the potential of biotechnology in all its facets.”

    Happy to give many more links to quality science if asked. Cheers
    Robert Wager


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