New Patriotic Party lawyer Gloria Akuffo has chastised her one-time lecturer and lawyer for National Democratic Congress, Tsatsu Tsikata, for what she has described as ?unfortunate situation? when Tsikata retorted sharply at opposing counsel, Philip Addison to ?shut up?.

Lawyer Akufo who was speaking during a post-court interview identified Tsatsu Tsikata as her law lecturer.

?In fact I have in my so many years in practice at the bar, never come across such behaviour?, she lamented.

Early on, during the warm-up to the trial, Tsatsu Tsikata condemned what he termed an ?extraordinary spirit of partisanship? in the media.

The respected lawyer further pledged that together with his colleague counsel in court they ?will continue to abide by?civil agreement?.

But barely an hour after his pledge Tsatsu Tsikata could not control his displeasure at the interruption by Counsel Philip Addison as he (Addison) rose to object to a question posed to the witness.

?Can you shut up?, he shot at his opposing counsel.

This remark by the NDC lawyer has incurred the displeasure of NPP?s Gloria Akuffo.

She explained that it was a normal court practice for a counsel to rise up and raise an objection. At such times, opposing counsel was supposed to resume his seat. He could respond after his colleague on the other side had finished.

She inferred that Tsatsu?s conduct may have shown disrespect not merely to Addison but to the Judges because ?anything you say in court is addressed to eminent Judges?.

Lawyer Addison said ?we are capable of reply? but refused to respond to his opponent Tsikata. He called the attention of the bench to his ?rude comments?.

?He [Tsikata] is the person who is telling us to show good ethics?, she recalled.

ource: myjoyonline


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