Lead counsel for the New Patriotic Party, Gloria Akuffo has said today that efforts by counsel for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Tsatsu Tsikata to discredit the evidence presented by the petitioners, were inconsequential to the credibility of their evidence.

Tsikata during cross-examination provided another list of 38 polling station exhibits which he said have been duplicated but this time with different exhibit numbers. He also asserted that about 70 per cent of the exhibits brought by the petitioners were not stamped.

Lawyer Ato Dadzie, NDC lawyer also said today?s cross-examination was ?a massive assault?. He thanked his team and Tsatsu Tsikata for getting witness in the box, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia of the NPP to admit that some of the exhibits were not signed in his presence and therefore he could not speak to the issues.

But in post-court interview, lawyer Gloria Akuffo has said that errors were as a result of exhibits being ?marked manually?. She said her team detected some of these errors and as a remedial
measure ?switched to electronic numbering?.

She reiterated Bawumia?s response that for the avoidance of doubt none of the duplicate pink sheets were used more than once in the analysis.

In the opinion of the NPP lawyer, these attempts by Tsatsu was to ?create the impression there is a total confusion in our evidence?.

But ?from Bawumia?s response that it is very far from that?, she explained.

In a further explanation, she said ?we were dealing with over 24,000 polling station sheets. Although errors in stamping and duplications were detected. It was corrected so that ?you can see that all that is in there is 11,138?

?I can clearly tell you that it [Tsatsu?s cross-examination] is inconsequential, that much I can say,? she concluded.

Source: myjoyonline


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