ACCA ACCA commends the new accessible guidelines for organisations to report on material sustainability information

Sustainability reporting is strengthened with the announcement by the Global Reporting Initiative of new guidelines — G4 — says the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants,  ACCA.

The G4 guidelines were officially launched at the Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting in Amsterdam on 22 May 2013.

Neil Stevenson, Executive Director-Brand at ACCA, attended the launch and said: ?The G4 guidelines make it clear how organisations report on their economic, social, environmental and governance performance. The guidelines focus on what matters and what is material. This will be a great benefit to multi-stakeholders including investors.?

Mr. Stevenson added: ?For ACCA, the credibility of sustainability reports can be enhanced by engaging with stakeholders and responding to their requirements and concerns, as well as seeking third-party independent assurance on the content of such reports. Organisations that want to enhance and improve accountability for stakeholders and investors will benefit by using the G4 guidelines and embracing the principles of Integrated Reporting.

ACCA is a long-time supporter of and advocate for sustainability reporting, and has been a member of the GRI Steering Committee since its inception in 1998. It also helped to write the first GRI set of guidelines that were launched in 1999.  ACCA also sits on the GRI stakeholder Council.

Mr. Stevenson said: ?In the current economic climate, organisational accountability is an imperative. Being transparent and reporting on issues and impacts can help achieve this.

We believe that all major entities in the public and private sectors should report publicly on the effect of their activities on the environment and societies in which they operate, along with reporting on their policies and how these have been translated into practice.?


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