The International Labor Organization (ILO) on Monday urged Kenya to embrace dialogue in order to reduce strikes.ILO
ILO Director for Kenya Alexio Musindo told a labor forum in Nairobi that there are always issues at the workplace between employers and employees.
“In order to avoid industrial disputes we call for dialogue among all stakeholders,” Musindo said during a sub-regional workshop on education.
The two-day event brought participants from across the African continent to share good practice on improving working conditions for those working in the education sector.
In the recent past, Kenya has experienced strikes involving workers in the public sector over issues of payment.
Kenya has already ratified the core ILO convention on labor. Musindo said that looking at the recent trends on the frequency of strikes, Kenya needs to come up with a comprehensive strategy to find a lasting solution.
“The ILO convention provides standards and international best practice that will help to prevent labor disputes,” Musindo stated.
He noted that good labor relations is key to improving the labor productivity of any nation.
“Our studies have indicated that well paid employees are more productive compared to those who are poorly paid,” the director said.
Secretary General of Kenya National Union of Teachers Wilson Sossion urged the government to prioritize funding for the education sector due to the critical role it plays in national development.
Sossion said that unfortunately teachers are underpaid compared to their work load. “Tutors need to be well compensated as part of plans to improve the education standards of the country,” he said. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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